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Memory Management Overview

The memories of a FT-450 can be read and written using this program.

Because the CAT commands do not have any means of deleting a memory you can perform a manual clearing of the radio's memories by powering on with the V/M button held in.

Initial Screen

The initial start-up screen is shown below. On the first run of the program a 1 memory file is created and saved in the folder you chose to store your memory files. You can use this file as a base for adding/changing memories or you can read the existing memories from the radio. 

You can also save copies of the memory definitions to your PC's hard disk and re-load them for subsequent editing and loading to the radio. The file that was last saved is automatically loaded on subsequent starts of the program.

Import and Export of memory definitions in the FTBasic format of .CSV file is also supported. Provided you have other software that can read/write these .CSV files then you can exchange memories between different radios.

At the top part of the screen a number of buttons are shown.

Read Radio read the memories/settings

Write Radio write the currently shown memories/settings to the radio

Read Disk File read previously saved memories/settings

Write Disk File save the currently shown memories/settings to disk

Import/Export Import/Export memory definitions using an external CSV file.

A Status Bar is at the bottom of the screen. If you have loaded a file from disk then its name is shown in the status bar on the left, and the message on the right tells you if you have made any changes to the memories shown in the grid.

Column Descriptions

General Memories Memory number

Receive Frequency Receive frequency in MHz - typed number

Op Mode Operating mode - drop-down selection

RPT Shift Repeater shift - drop-down selection. 

Encoding Method CTCSS/DCS encoding method - drop-down list

CTCSS Tone CTCSS tone - drop-down list

Memory Description A description of the memory. This field is NOT stored in the radio. This field can also contain page formatting commands - see the section on Printing on how to control page skipping and section headings.