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Connection to the radio


The receiver is connected to the computer using a straight serial cable. If you do not have a serial port on your PC then I recommend a USB/serial converter that uses the FTDI chipset. Links to these are on my website on the Links page

COM port

Selection of Com port number is done using the Settings menu. The program will remember the selection you make for the next time you run. There is also a Com port detection command that will identify the Com ports that are on your PC.

USB/Serial adapters

To determine the correct Com port number for a USB/serial adapter do the following:

1. with the USB cable/adapter NOT plugged into the PC run the program and use the Com port detector command on the Settings menu. Take note of the ports that are shown in green.

2. close the Com port detector screen, plug in the USB cable/adapter and select the Com port detector command again. The extra port shown in green is the port that has been assigned to the cable. Use this port number in the program. If no extra port is shown then you probably need to install drivers for the USB cable/adapter.

An alternative way to determine the port number is to plug the USB cable/adapter into the PC and then use the Windows Device Manager. Look at the section Ports (COM and LPT) to see if your device is listed. If it is not listed look for any other entry in the list of devices with a yellow question mark (?) next to it showing as an unknown device. Remove the cable and see if the unknown device disappears. If it does then you need to install drivers for it to be recognised by the operating system.