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Adding and deleting memories


The recommended sequence of events is:-

  a) read your radio the Read Radio button

  b) add or delete as detailed below

  c) manually clear the radio's existing memories

  d) perform a write of the amended memories to the receiver

Adding a new memory between existing memories

Adding a new memory is achieved using the 'Insert memory above' command (shortcut Ctrl+I). Right-click on a memory where you wish to insert a new one and choose the 'insert..' command from the pop-up menu. A new 'Empty' memory will be inserted ready for you to customise.

Using 'Empty' memories

To use an Empty row, first of all enter the frequency. Default values for other items in the definition will then appear which you can then change as desired. 

Deleting or Removing a memory

Removing a memory removes it permanently and closes up the empty space. Deleting a memory removes the memory details and leaves an Empty row.

Right-click on the memory you wish to delete or clear and choose the 'Delete memory' command (shortcut Del) or 'Remove memory' command (shortcut Shift+Del) from the pop-up command list.  You will get an OK or Cancel message which requires you to respond OK before the memory is deleted or removed.

To perform the same operation on a block of memories, first of all drag the mouse over the rows to be affected, then perform the delete or remove command.

Compacting Empty memories

If you have a number of Empty rows that you would prefer to not be there use the Compact empty memories command. This will move all Empty memories to the end of the grid.