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Starting the program

The installation process creates a program group entry on the Windows Start Menu. The standard program menu name is FTB1807.  Click Start, then move up to Programs, then across to FTB1807, then click the FTB1807 program entry.

If you have not yet registered the program then you will see the Reminder screen

It is strongly recommended that before reloading any changed memories that you produce several backup copies of your radio's memory and save them in a safe place. These backups will give you a way to restore your receiver to its original state in the event of any difficulty.

The initial start-up screen is shown below. Before you can make any entries in the grid you must first load a memory image into the program.  This can be done either by using the Read Radio button to read from your radio, or by using the Read Disk File button to read a previously saved memory image file from disk.