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CSV file format

Field separators

When processing CSV files the field separator may be a comma or semi-colon or tab character.

FREE450 uses the FTBasic format to exchange memory definitions

Note that a number of the FTBasic fields are not relevant/used in FTB450

Sample header record

Memory,RX Freq,RX Mode,Shift,TX Shift/Freq,TX Mode,CTCSS/DCS,Tone/Code,Show,Name,Scan,Group,Description

Field Format and purpose

Memory Memory number
RX Freq Receive frequency in MHz
RX Mode Receive mode.
Shift Frequency shift: Simplex, Minus, Plus or Split. Not used in FTB450
TX Shift/Freq If Shift is Split then a transmit frequency. Else a repeater shift. Not used in FTB450
TX Mode Transmit mode. Not used in FTB450
CTCSS/DCS Encoding/decoding method: CTCSS Enc, CTCSS Enc+Dec or DCS
Tone/Code CTCSS tone or DCS code. DCS code not used in FTB450
Show Show name or freq: Name or Freq. Not used in FTB450
Name Memory tag name. Not used in FTB450
Scan Y=scan, N=skip scan. Not used in FTB450
Group FTBasic group. Not used in FTB450
Description FTBasic description. Not used in FTB450