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Memory Banks

The FT-7900 has 20 memory banks. The banks contain flag indicators, one per general memory. If a memory is in a bank then its flag indicator is set to 1, otherwise it is set to 0.

There are 1000 flag indicators per bank, and a memory may have its indicator set to 1 in more than one bank.

The program can show the memories in three ways - memory data only, flag indicators only, or both. The command button 'Mem/Bank/All' switches the display from one state to another. When bank data is showing, an 'X' in a cell indicates the flag is set to include the memory in the bank.

An example Banks display is shown below

Setting and un-setting the cells with X's is done by selecting the cells to be changed and then using the command "Fill with Bank selected X's" or "Empty of Bank selected X's".  Multiple rows and columns can be selected at the same time, and Empty memories within the selection are automatically ignored.

These commands are available on the Memories menu and the right-click pop-up whenever there are Banks being displayed. 

An alternative is to use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + B for banks fill, and CTRL + E for empty.