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A memory management program for the Yaesu FT-8800 FM mobile transceiver.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

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Post:   9 South Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire  BH25 6EY, United Kingdom

Copyright 2003 - 2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of editing a memory

Change History

V1.5.4 Jan 2014 Add a Settings menu option to not ask 'are you sure' before deleting/removing memories
Add a Help command to show the repeater information page of the G4HFQ website
Add an option to calculate the TX frequency when exporting in Custom format
V1.5.3 Aug 2012 Add a new command 'Show a taller grid height' to the Settings menu
V1.5.2 Sep 2011 Rename the default .CSV format to FTB Standard
V1.5.1 May 2011 Add: printer selection dialog; make the row height of the Configuration tab taller.
V1.5.0 July 2010 Performance improvement when reading/writing disk files, especially over a network
V1.4.9 May 2010 Minor changes to user interface mainly for new users
V1.4.8 Nov 2009 Refreshed with a new 3 year digital certificate.
V1.4.8 Sep 2009 Add: support for 32 Com ports; two new commands on the File menu - Print left side memories only and Print right side memories only.
Change: change the action of the Read Disk File button to start at the user-specified folder location for storing files regardless of where the last file was read from.
V1.4.7 Apr 2009 Change: improve compatibility with certain Prolific USB drivers to avoid 8020 errors.
V1.4.6 Mar 2009 Add: an option to the Custom format Export screen to include empty memories in the output file; add support for rig type 61.
V1.4.5 Aug 2008 Bugfix: repair broken (by V1.4.3) facility to import starting at a specific memory number
V1.4.4 July 2008 Add: two commands to copy the left side to the right side and vice versa.
Bugfix: resolve an occasional Error 380 problem when the user has made changes to the screen fonts.
V1.4.3 May 2008 Add: a command to save the currently displayed grid as a .TAB file
Bugfix: correct an error importing an ADMS .TAB file
V1.4.2 Mar 2008 Add: a COM port detector command to assist in specifying the correct port number;apply repeater rules when importing.
Bugfix: correct an error in setting menu item 35 memory scan mode
V1.4.1 Nov 2007 Add: on the Repeater Rules window add an option to permit any frequency to be entered, and add Simplex to the Repeater Shift options; cater for an 'international license key'.
V1.4.0 Nov 2007 Add: prevent frequencies between 824-849MHz and 869-894MHz being loaded to memories of US radios. Cell editing improvements: double-click to enter cell edit mode; while editing a cell the Del key acts as a conventional editing key; the TX frequency is automatically cleared when Shift is set to other than Split and is automatically set to the RX frequency when Shift is set to Split; when filling down the TX freq if the value being filled is blank then any Shift setting of Split is changed to Simplex; a command to list duplicate frequencies where the PL tone is also taken into account when deciding if the frequency is a duplicate; a command to temporarily add/remove sequence numbers to the beginning of the Description column, together with a command to sort by Description; support for Rig type 66.
V1.3.9 Jul 2007 Add: a choice of 3 font sizes for the grids; Normal (10pt), Larger (11pt) and Largest (12pt).
V1.3.8 May 2007 Add: ability to move 1 or more adjacent memories up or down the grid using F11 and F12; an alternative (and faster) approach to reading the radio that is selectable on the Settings menu.
V1.3.7 Mar 2007 Bugfix: shortcuts CTRL+E and CTRL+B did not work for single cells; in Repeater Rules: correct the handling of national language settings that use a comma as the decimal point.
V1.3.6 Mar 2007 Add: user-customised rules for automatic setting of repeater shift direction and amount.
V1.3.5 Feb 2007 Add: option to show/hide empty memories; option to show darker gridlines; paste into a single cell on the memories grid using Shift+Insert keys
V1.3.4 Dec 2006 Re-packaged only - no functional changes
V1.3.3 Dec 2006 Add: additional error checking when saving files. Change: use a different software installer program; digitally sign the executable and installer .exe files.
V1.3.2 Nov 2006 Add: new command to choose a folder for storing memory and .CSV files. Change: use a different screen font; Help file format to .CHM.
V1.3.1 Sep 2006 Add ability to export only those memories that have been selected; turn off the Internet Connection feature when writing to the radio. Bugfix: correct data entry problem when switching tabs.
V1.3.0 Sep 2006 Add: sort only a selected range of rows.
V1.2.9 Aug 2006 Add support for DBCS operating systems; minor visual changes. Bugfix: correct problem with decoding of menu item 27 Packet Band.
V1.2.8 Apr 2006 Add editing in Hypermemories of the current set menu item. Bugfix: correct problem when using the Remove memories command on the right-side memories.
V1.2.7 Mar 2005 Add: editing of home and hypermemory VFOs; bank fill and bank empty commands. 
Change: move the tickable command Show Memory rows in alternate shades to the Settings menu.
V1.2.6 Nov 2005. Add: command to remove memories and shuffle up remaining memories; command to compact memories, moving all empty memories to the end.
V1.2.5 Nov 2005. Add: VX5/VX6 Commander .CSV import/export; saving of the left/right dividing line position when using the Save size and position command; link the left/right dividing line position to the window height so that it follows resizing; option to have alternating colours for memory grid rows; avoid problem when trying to save over read-only files.
V1.2.4 Oct 2005. Add ADMS FT-8800 .TAB file import; add setting of 4 more Hypermemory items; add Com ports 9-16; add rig type 60. Bugfix: Correct error 381 if right-click outside the memory grid area; correct printout problem on continuation pages.
V1.2.3 Jul 2005. Bugfix: if the last saved file was on a removable device, and on the next restart of the program that device contained no media, then the program failed.
V1.2.2 Jul 2005 Add user definable bank column names; add user definable memory column widths; add duplex printing option; add 'List memories Not in any bank' command
V1.2.1 Mar 2005 Add option to default to .TPE files when importing.
V1.2.0 Mar 2005. Remember the size and position of windows. Automatically open the last used memory file when starting the program.
V1.1.9 Jan 2005 Change the Export VX-2 and VX-7 Commander routines to always output US/UK format dots and commas. This is regardless of which convention is currently being used by the operating system.
V1.1.8 Jan 2005 Added: Import/Export of VX-2 Commander .CSV files
V1.1.7 Dec 2004 Added: option to hide/show hidden columns when showing both memories and banks columns; Find text and Find next commands to search the memories grids; CTRL + I shortcut for the insert memory command.
V1.1.6 Dec 2004 Added: Memory print page breaks, section headings and top margin size; only open Com port when reading/writing the radio; easy link to the Download page of the G4HFQ website so you can check for updates; improve ARC250 import routine when handling Empty import records.
V1.1.5 Nov 2004 Added: The Description field is now a selectable item for the user-defined Export format; Bank definitions are now included in the .CSV Import/Export file; select which columns to print; import ButelSoftware's ARC250 .csv files.
Bugfix: importing into the right hand side put description fields into the left hand side.
V1.1.4 Nov 2004 Bugfix: When inserting/pasting a memory the description field was not properly moved.
Added: rig types 62 and 63
V1.1.3 Oct 2004  Added: 1 level of undo to memory editing; description field for memories; hide/show individual memory columns; editing of CWID.
V1.1.2 Sep 2004. Add print of currently displayed grid.
V1.1.1 Aug 2004. Add editing of HM2-6 settings for scan/skip; if TravelPlus import does not state repeater shift then assume simplex; if imported CTCSS tone is invalid then assume 100.0; correct bad import of clock shift if defined in lower case; correct calculation of free space when importing to take notice of clearing all before the import.
V1.1.0 May 2004. Explain rig type editing. Supply sample memories file.
V1.0.9 May 2004. Bugfix: bank number calculated 1 too high when manually entering X in bank column. This problem was introduced in V1.0.8.
V1.0.8 May 2004. Add: management of PMS memories; new column for tuning step.
V1.0.7 Apr 2004. Bugfix - wrong memories deleted if the selection for the block deletion was done from higher number to lower number.
V1.0.6 Apr 2004. Bugfix - prevent write to rig if memory 1 is empty
V1.0.5 Dec 2003. Bugfix - correct setting of RF SQL.
V1.0.4 Nov 2003. Bugfix - correct the left-hand DCS code always being set to 023.
V1.0.3 Nov 2003. Add logging of reads/writes as a diagnostic aid, and selectable read delay of 25, 35 or 45 msec. Add memory print.
V1.0.2 Oct 2003. Bugfix consolidation and minor user interface changes.
V1.0.1 Sep 2003. Add TravelPlus import (developed using TravelPlus 7.0)
V1.0.0 Sep 2003. Initial release
V1.0.0 Aug 2003. Initial betas