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Memory Banks

The radio has 24 memory banks. Each bank contains slots for 100 different memory numbers. The same memory number number may be present in more than one bank.

Important: To make editing easier the program permits more than 100 memories to be selected in a bank. When the time comes to either save the file or to write to the radio the number of memories in each bank is checked and only 100 are permitted. You will have to reduce the number of entries in each bank to be 100 or fewer before the program will continue with your save or write operation.

The program can show the memories in three ways - memory data only, bank indicators only, or both. The command button 'Mem/Bank/both' switches the display from one state to another. When bank data is showing, an 'X' in a cell indicates the memory is in the bank.

An example Banks display is shown below

Setting and un-setting the cells with X's is done by selecting the cells to be changed and then using the command "Fill with Bank selected X's" or "Empty of Bank selected X's".  Multiple rows and columns can be selected at the same time, and Empty memories within the selection are automatically ignored.

It you only have one cell to change you can also use the keyboard. Any character(s) typed will be converted to a single X.

These commands are available on the Banks menu and the right-click pop-up whenever there are Banks being displayed. 

An alternative is to use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + B for Bank fill, and CTRL + E for empty.