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Program Settings

If using a programming cable then set the Com port number

If you already know your programming cable's com port number then click on the Settings menu and choose the 'COM Port' command. Then choose the desired port number from the pop-out list. If you don't know the COM port number then use the command 'Com port Detector' command to determine which one to use.

If your computer has a COM port that is not listed then contact the author to get the program amended to suit your PC.

The program will remember your settings for the next time you run.

If using a SD card then set the radio's country/location

When reading the radio using a programming cable the program can determine the radio's country and modification state from the information sent to the PC. When using an SD card this information is not available in the SD card's BACKUP.dat file.

At the top right of the program's window is a drop-down that enables you to choose the appropriate country. Look on the white label of the packing box for your radio and find the DST: and TYP: values. EU models are DST: EU and TYP: C2. If you have modified the radio to extend the TX range then choose the setting with "+Mod".

The country/location is used in determining what are the appropriate 'default' settings for a number of the radio settings on the Configuration and APRS tabs. Other items also vary by country/location e.g. tuning steps per band.