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Writing to the radio with a programming cable

If the blue Read button at the top left of the screen shows Read SD Card then open the Settings menu and click on the command 'Use an SD card instead of a programming cable. The button should then show Read Radio and the tick to the left of the command should be cleared.

To write a previously saved .ftb2d file to the radio click the Read Disk File button. A standard Windows open dialog box should be shown:

Choose a file to restore. 

After opening the file the memories are displayed. 

Click the Write Radio button. The program will switch to the Memories tab if it is not already being displayed. 
The following message is shown:

Perform the steps specified and then click OK, or click Cancel to abort the write.
The following message is shown:

Press and release the Dx key, then click OK.
The following screen is shown:

Wait for the process to complete, when the screen changes to:

Click OK.