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A CAT control program for Yaesu FT-450, FT-817/ND, FT-847, FT-857/D, FT-897/D, FT-920, FT-1000MP Mark V transceivers and VR-5000 and FRG-100 receivers.

This program does not perform management of any memory that is present in the hardware of the supported equipment.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

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Copyright 2004 - 2012 G R Freeth

Change History

V2.1.0 June 2013 Change upper limit of 70cm repeater shift from 5MHz to 7.6MHz
V2.0.9 Jul 2012 Bugfix: correct a failure when importing a .CSV file created by FREE450 or FREE950. Add AF and RF control, and VFO/Mem toggle for the FT-450 and FT-450D
V2.0.8 Jun 2012 Add support for the FT-450D
V2.0.7 May 2010 Bugfix: catch error 45 if using the Volume or Player buttons in the mini recording window when running under Vista or Windows 7.
V2.0.6 Mar 2010 Add: Timed events to auto-tune the frequency and mode of your radio on a timed schedule; add a second Com port just for PTT control.
V2.0.5 Feb 2010 Add: store the Got a Signal state in the registry in real-time
V2.0.4 Dec 2009 Add: support of DIG mode with a narrow filter set on FT-8x7 radios.
V2.0.3 Nov 2009 Add: a 2.5kHz tuning step in the tuning grid.
V2.0.2 Apr 2009 Add: new option of 'None' to the Window sizing of the Settings screen to maintain a sensible aspect ratio on netbooks with a 1024x600 screen
V2.0.1 Oct 2008 Change: minor improvements for the FT-450
V2.0.0 Jan 2008 Change: drop support for the FT-100. Add: add support for the FT-450.
V1.1.5 Dec 2007 Change: slight change to error messages when importing/converting .CSV files
V1.1.4 May 2007 Add: option to automatically open the memory grid when the program starts; option for the TX/RX button to only control the state of the RTS pin to permit custom hardware for keying the radio.
V1.1.3 Nov 2006 Add: 200Hz keyboard tuning step; user-specified home directory. Change: use a different software installer program; digitally sign the executable and installer .exe files.
V1.1.2 Oct 2006 Bugfix: correct not switching to simplex when using the GoTo button in the Mem Grid screen. Change: Use a different screen font.
V1.1.1 July 2006 Bugfix: fix error 458 with certain non-US locale versions of Windows XP
V1.1.0 June 2006 Slight changes to the user interface to make it easier to operate. Because of lack of space in the window the Exit button has been removed to make the tuning by scroll wheel area larger.
V1.0.9 May 2006 Add: FT-847 cross-band repeater facility; ability to enter frequencies in kHz as well as MHz. Bugfix: correct CTCSS tone label display when using tuning with the mouse scroll wheel.
V1.0.8 never publicly released
V1.0.7 Apr 2006 Add a facility to show only the spectrum scan area of the screen (shortcut is F2)
V1.0.6 Apr 2005 Add tuning using the mouse wheel
V1.0.5 Jan 2005 Add an Extra Delay slider to accomodate CTCSS Decode when bank scanning, and further changes to the sequencing of commands to the radio to improve scanning speeds.
V1.0.4 Jan 2005 Show FTBCAT in the Windows taskbar
V1.0.3 Dec 2004 Improve memory bank scanning with CTCSS decode memories
V1.0.2 Oct 2004 Minor corrections/improvements
V1.0.1 Jul 2004 Add FT-817ND
V1.0.0 May 2004 Initial release