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Choosing the input source for collecting readings

From the main program window click the Choose Input yellow button. The following window is shown

If using the sound card to collect readings then select either Microphone or Line-in and click OK. 

If using a wattmeter to collect readings then select the appropriate meter. Select the Com port number to which the wattmeter is connected (if any) from the drop-down list and click OK

If using an external program to collect the readings then choose LP-100-VCP, OZ2Meter or FTBMeter.

If using external triggering on pin 8 (CTS) of a 9-pin serial port then select the Com port number to use for triggering. 

ONLY if you are using FTBMeter (which uses a dual channel DLP USB interface instead of serial ports) should you select the radio button 'Use the DLP USB device'. This directs the program to use external triggering through the USB module rather than a serial port CTS pin.

Please contact the author if you have another type of wattmeter that interfaces to a PC and he will try to support it.