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What does it do

The primary purpose of PolarPlot is to enable you to better understand the operating characteristics of a beam antenna.

The program is intended for the amateur radio community. It may also be useful for educational and professional purposes when accuracy requirements permit.

The program plots relative power in dB and relative field strength polar diagrams, and gives an indication of the gain in dBi of the measured antenna.  

The polar diagram is presented in polar form or in rectangular form, with a range from maximum to minimum of 50 dB. 

The scale of the plot can be either logarithmic or linear. 

Colour and black and white print out and standard windows filing systems are provided.

Readings can be taken on a timed or triggered basis, eith manually or by external tigger pulse.

Measurements can be saved and re-loaded.

Screen shots can be captured and pasted into graphics programs.  

By overlaying one plot on another the effect of a change to the antenna design or operating height can be seen.