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PC equipment and software requirements

FTBVR5K runs on a standard PC that has an available serial port for connection to the transceiver.  It has been developed and tested on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Home Edition, and should also run successfully on Windows 95/98/ME and Windows/NT4.

The VR-5000 is very time-sensitive when reading and writing with the serial communications port. Run the COM port at the highest speed your rig will accept - 9600 baud at a minimum. Make sure your PC does not have other tasks running that could slow down program operation. For laptops in particular, turn off all power management actions that will slow the computer e.g. turning off the hard disk, slowing down the processor etc.

The program will detect the international character used for the decimal point and format numbers accordingly.

The VR-5000 requires a standard 'Null modem' cable. The handbook states a normal serial cable is required - this is in error. See here for further connection details.