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Program installation and removal

Initial Installation

Initial installation is done by downloading from the internet a current copy of the 'Complete Package' named V5RKFREE.EXE.  This is a self-extracting ZIP file containing a setup program that installs all of the files required for running FTBVR5K, including several OCX files and the Visual Basic run-time libraries for VB6.  

Run the downloaded VR5KFREE.EXE program to un-zip to any location of your choice - the default location is C:\VR5KFreeSetup. Three files should be extracted - FTBVR5K.CAB, SETUP.EXE and SETUP.LST

In the folder where you extracted the files, double-click on SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.

Installing Updates

Because installation instructions for updates may vary from release to release please refer to the web site for current information.

Program Removal

If you installed using the Full Package method, you can use the standard Windows method of Start/ Settings/ Control Panel/ Add-Remove Programs and select FTBVR5K.