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A memory management program for the Yaesu VX-3 handheld transceiver.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

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Post: 9 South Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire  BH25 6EY, United Kingdom

Copyright 2010-2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of editing a memory

Change History

V1.2.8 Oct 2014 Bugfix: A user specified tuning step was being ignored when importing
V1.2.7 Mar 2014 Add a Settings menu option to not ask 'are you sure' before deleting/removing memories
Add a Help command to show the repeater information page of the G4HFQ website
Add an option to calculate the TX frequency when exporting in Custom format
Highlight the scan skip memories 901-999 in yellow.
V1.2.6 Aug 2012 Add a new command 'Show a taller grid height' to the Settings menu
V1.2.5 Sep 2011 Rename the default .CSV format to FTB Standard
V1.2.4 Sep 2011 Bugfix: Checkboxes were not shown properly on French language operating systems
V1.2.3 May 2011 Add: printer selection dialog; make the row height of the Configuration tab taller.
V1.2.2 Jul 2010 Performance improvement when reading/writing disk files, especially over a network
V1.2.1 May 2010 Minor user interface changes for new users
V1.2.0 Dec 2009 Bugfix: stop new memories from inheriting the name of the related Home memory; correct an error in decoding Bank Link Scan entries for banks 14 and 15.
V1.1.9 Nov 2009 Add: support for an EU B2 radio; a new 3 year digital certificate; minor internal changes.
V1.1.8 Aug 2009 Add: Comm ports 17-32; a rest note (POS) in the tune editor.
V1.1.7 Apr 2009 Change: improve compatibility with certain Prolific USB drivers to avoid 8020 errors.
V1.1.6 Mar 2009 Add: an option to the Custom format Export screen to include empty memories in the output file. Bugfix: correct an Error 13 if exporting memories and the option 'Keep existing mem numbers' is selected and the EAI memory is not empty.
V1.1.5 Nov 2008 Add: support for an Export B3 model set to '***', Undo is disabled if there is insufficient disk space.
V1.1.4 Sep 2008 Bugfix: fix the problem of not reloading the description column when reading a disk image.
V1.1.3 Sep 2008 Add: support for Export radios set to model D1, D2 or D3.
V1.1.2 Aug 2008 Bugfix: repair broken (by V1.0.5) facility to import starting at a specific memory number
V1.1.1 May 2008 Add: a command to save the currently active grid as a .TAB file
V1.1.0 Apr 2008 Change: improve compatibility with some programming cables.
V1.0.9 Apr 2008 Change: correct the text in the Com port detect screen to say Data 00 instead of Data 50.
V1.0.8 Mar 2008 Add: a COM port detector command to assist in specifying the correct port number; apply repeater rules when importing.
V1.0.7 Nov 4 2007 Add: New tab to permit special memories to be put into banks; Cell editing improvements:  double-click to enter cell edit mode; while editing a cell the Del key acts as a conventional editing key; the TX frequency is automatically cleared when Shift is set to other than Split and is automatically set to the RX frequency when Shift is set to Split; when filling down the TX freq if the value being filled is blank then any Shift setting of Split is changed to Simplex.
V1.0.6 Sep 27 2007 Add: editing of the WX channel names (config 96); editing of the temperature display (config 85); bank linking for scanning (bank names tab); two more squelch level settings (config 78).
Bugfix: preserve the EAI memory when sorting/reorganising the memory grid; prevent saving a file with memory 1 empty.
V1.0.5 Sep 14 2007 Bugfix: correct an error 6 overflow when decoding configuration item 42 INTKEY if the setting was SET MD and the chosen menu item was greater than 73
V1.0.4 Sep 13 2007 Add: new memory column for internet state on/off; detection of modified radios. Bugfix: correct the display of repeater offset with split frequency memories; correct the setting of tuning flags with split frequency memories
V1.0.3 Sep10 2007 Bugfix: correct memory name when importing from VX-7 Commander
V1.0.2 Sep 4 2007 Bugfix: correct memory name and number of banks when importing from VX-6 Commander
V1.0.1 Sep 4 2007 Add: detection of Japanese models of the VX-3; a piano keyboard with record facility to the Tune Editor
V1.0.0 Sep 3 2007. Initial release