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The radio has 11 bands and two VFOs. The VFO's for these may be configured by clicking on the VFOA/B tabs when an image is loaded. 

Please note that the program only updates that portion of the clone data which the radio's firmware uses to store the state of the bands that are not currently active. The currently active VFOs for VFOA and VFOB are in a different part of the clone data that are not editable by the program. 

This means that if you read the radio when, for example, VFOA is on the 2m ham band then when you subsequently write to the radio the original frequency and settings for the 2m ham band will remain the same as when you read the radio. However, when you change to another band on that VFO then any editing you have done for the other band will be actioned.

So if you wish to control the settings of specific bands then ensure the radio is on a different band when you read the radio. This applies to each of the VFOs.