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Modifying APRS/GPS settings

Whenever a memory image has been loaded into the program, either from disk or directly from the radio, there is an extra tab shown called APRS/GPS.

Clicking on this tab will show you the values currently assigned to the APRS/GPS menus for this particular memory image. 

The program enables you to make changes by choosing values from drop-down boxes or typing in values instead of pressing button sequences and turning the dial knob on the radio.

When the memory image is initially loaded the APRS/GPS tab becomes available. No tab is shown if nothing is loaded.

Make changes as required using the drop-down boxes. 

If you want to return to default start-up values click the 'Change all settings to the default values' button.

When you are satisfied with your changes, click the 'OK - Apply all changes made' button. The next time you load the image back into the radio they will take effect.