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A memory management program for the Yaesu VX-8R/E and VX-8DR/DE handheld transceivers. 

For the Japanese model of the VX-8R and VX-8DR please use FTBVX8J - the same license covers both programs.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

Web site:
Post: 9 South Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire  BH25 6EY, United Kingdom

Copyright 2009 - 2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of editing a memory

Change History

V1.1.7 Oct 2014 Bugfix: A user specified tuning step was being ignored when importing
V1.1.6 Feb 2014 Add a Settings menu option to not ask 'are you sure' before deleting/removing memories
Add a Help command to show the repeater information page of the G4HFQ website
Add an option to calculate the TX frequency when exporting in Custom format
Aug 2012 V1.1.5 Add a new command 'Show a taller grid height' to the Settings menu
May 2011 V1.1.4 Bugfix: correct missing bank 6 when exporting in VX6 Comander format.
Jan 2011 V1.1.3 Add: a printer selection dialog; automatically set an appropriate tuning step if required; a new command to display memories with frequencies that can not be achieved on the radio.
Oct 2010 V1.1.2 Add: filename shows in the title bar; new Settings option to highlight the current memory/VFO and specify the highlight colour; non-default configuration/APRS settings are shown in bold; print shows a printer selection dialog. Bugfix: APRS item 14 Beacon TX for a model D radio was decoding SMART as MANUAL.
July 2010 V1.1.1 Performance improvement when reading/writing disk files, especially over a network
May 2010 V1.1.0 Minor user interface changes for new users
May 2010 V1.0.9 Add: support for the 4 My Symbol sets on the model D radio
Apr 2010 V1.0.8 Add: support for model D radios and smart beaconing; add new tempo sliders to the tune editor.
Feb 13 2010 V1.0.7 Add: support for rig type EU B2
Jan 27 2010 V1.0.6 Bugfix: B/C FM memories in the range 90-108MHz flashed if written to a radio modified to ***
Dec 12 2009 V1.0.5 Bugfix: stop new memories from inheriting the name of the related Home memory; correct an error in decoding Bank Link Scan entries for banks 14 and 15.
Nov 12 2009 V1.0.4 Refreshed to add a new 3 year digital certificate.
Oct 14 2009 V1.0.4 Bugfix: correct an error if a broadcast band frequency range was entered in a PMS memory pair.
Aug 31 2009 V1.0.3 Bugfix: The operating mode dropdown for a radio type B3 only provided AUTO as an option for frequencies between 76 and 88MHz; the character '#' was missing from the list of characters that could be entered in a memory name; configuration item 62 MUTE drop-down was disabled; after inserting a memory the bank Xs for banks 6-24 were left aligned.
Add: if a Japanese model radio is detected then suggest the use of FTBVX8J.
Aug 11 2009 V1.0.2 Bugfix: radio responded with NOBANKS when pressing the BAND button to enter banks mode when banks were present but VFO B was the main VFO.
Change: minor text changes
Add: check for Japanese full-width characters in name fields and display (DBCS) if found; add a rest (POS) note to the tune editor.
Jun 23 2009 V1.0.1 Bugfix: correct error 340 if more than 11 Midi devices are present; correct error 387 if no Com ports are present.
Jun 22 2009 V1.0.0 Initial release.